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Barcode Library

Display and Print 1D Barcodes in your Clarion for Windows programs

New version 1.2 released with a library installer, and all the library's bug fixes incorporated.

Our Barcode Library enables you to insert barcode "controls" into your windows and reports.  At runtime these controls will display a barcode with your specifications.

Currently the following barcode symbologies are supported:
Code 39
Code 39 Extended
Code 128
Code 128A, 128B, or 128C for specialized applications
EAN 13
Interleaved 2 of 5
Code 2 of 5

Some of the features of the Barcode Library:
Barcodes can be displayed in standard Clarion windows.
Barcodes can be printed in standard Clarion reports. In version 1.2 you can now print barcodes in page headers and footers, group headers and footers, on the report form, and also on detail bands.
Full library source code is included. Also included is a template to make it easy to use the barcode library.
This is not an OCX which you have to interface to your programs, but a 100% Clarion Library (with some API calls).
The library does not use barcode fonts which are prone to resizing problems. Barcodes are actually drawn, and take into consideration -for accuracy- the resolution of the printer.
You can use either the supplied template or handcode your projects.
For those barcodes where the check digit is optional, you may have the system determine the check digit and include it for you by setting up just one property.
For those barcodes where the check digit is mandatory (UPC and EAN), you have the option of omitting the check digit, and have the system determine and include the check digit for you.
For some symbologies you can change the ratio of the "wide" to "short" bars. For some symbologies such as CODE 39 this is quite important to improve scanner efficiency.
The library offers either automatic or custom control of how wide you want the barcode to be. You can even set up a barcode to display in an exact number of pixels per bar.
Compatible with the Legacy Template chain.
Compatible with CPCS Report Templates (thanks to Larry Teames -the publisher of CPCS Report Templates- who modified the template to make it compatible with CPCS, as a service to his customers).
Compatible with Fomin Report Builder (thanks to Oleg Fomin).  

Clarion versions
Clarion 5
Clarion 5.5
Clarion 6
Clarion 6.1
Clarion 6.2
Clarion 6.3
Clarion 7
Template chains

Taboga Barcode Library version 1.2 is a commercial product.   It is available for $119.00.   This includes all source code.  

Registered Barcode Library version 1.1 get to upgrade for free.

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