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Report Templates

Taboga Report Templates

Version 1

Taboga Software is proud to present our report templates for Clarion for Windows.   These set of templates will take your standard Clarion reports to a much improved level of functionality.

Allows calculation/printing of grand totals
Allows efficient (range limits and more) printing of a detail band based on a child file
Hides a detail band so that it doesn't print
Hides a band (or bands) so they don't print...
Clips a band's height so that it doesn't print taller than the defined height!
Allows you to write code break dependant code.  Usable for example to simplify the calculation of group percentages, and other group/break related stuff.
Prints boxes around given detail/header/footer bands
Adjusts (expands) the report's page length to account for changing size..
Prints a memory report
Allows you to sort the report on ANY of the fields used on it.
Prints columns in newspaper style...

Please note that the Taboga Report Templates are ABC only currently!

Clarion versions
Clarion 6
Clarion 6.1
Clarion 6.2
Clarion 6.3
Clarion 7
Template chains

The Taboga Report Templates are priced at $79.00.   


This is a very complex template set.   Should you experience problems using a particular extension template in one of your procedures, send us a test application with the particular report you are having problems with, and we will try our best to solve any bugs that remain after our own testing in the template set.