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NewspaperColumns Template
Clarion prints columns in Left-to-Right order.   In some situations you need to print columns top-to-bottom, in what are called newspaper style columns (because the columns snake in the way newspaper columns do).
If you drop this extension template into a standard clarion report with columns, the columns will print in newspaper style.  
This is a very complex template that will handle your page breaks, and your group breaks as well.

Here is an example of Clarion's standard column handling:

This is from a report that lists Line Number, Product Name, and Price, in 3 columns, and the report is ordered by Line Number.   If you look closely, the Line Numbers increase from left to right, and then downwards.   Thus, the first row has line numbers 0001, 0002, and 0003 in order, and then on the 2nd row we start with line number 0004.

This is the standard clarion way of handling columns.

Below is an excerpt of the exact same report, but using the NewspaperColumns extension template:

If you look closely you will see the difference.    In this report the Line Nubers go down, and then go to the right!   These are called Newspaper style columns.