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RTFWriter Library

Create RTF documents under program control

Rich Text Format (or RTF), as the name implies, is a text format, enriched to portably contain formatting information.  RTF format is used widely, and most software which format text are compatible with it (e.g. word processors).     
Our RTF Writer library enables you to write RTF documents within your application.  With our RTF Writer library you do not need to go to the RTF specifications to create sophisticated RTF documents.
RTF Writer was developed and tested using the following programs and RTF ActiveX controls:
Microsoft Word 95
Microsoft Word 97
Microsoft Word 2000
Lotus WordPro
Word Perfect
TX TextControl
Microsoft's Rich Text Control (using WordPad)

Document and/or Section Format Control
Full character formatting.  In particular full font formatting, including size, style and color.
Paragraph formatting, including centering, justification, indentation, borders, color, tabs, etc...
RTF Tables support.
Linked graphics.
Headers and/or Footers

Programming Interface
In Clarion you declare an object of the RTFWriter class in the procedure where you want to write the RTF document.  Use the properties, and methods of this object to write the RTF code.

Important Note
To avoid confusion, let me clarify that this is not a RTF control.  This is a library to generate RTF documents in your applications.  The documents you generate with this library can then be viewed in Microsoft Word, Lotus WordPro, WordPerfect, or RTF controls available elsewhere.

For RTF controls we recommend TX Text Control which is the one we use, or depending on your needs the free Microsoft RTF control is adequate too.

The RTFWriter library version 1.1 is available as freeware.   Full source code is included.  (We do reserve the right to change this at a later date).

Why freeware?    Honestly there are three (maybe four) reasons.    The first is that I do not anticipate too many paying customers for this library (due to its nature).   
The second reason has to do with RTF itself.   The RTF specification is very complex (at least to me), and it is implemented differently by different word processors.    If you take an RTF document produced by Microsoft Word, for example, and import it into Word Perfect, you might run into some discrepancies; for example, in tables and bullets.    There are even discrepancies (though less) between Microsoft Word versions.   So to make the library work with the 5 word processors and 2 activeX controls was a nightmare.    I finally got it working, and with fairly good results (in fact, the library does things no one else does, e.g. write bullets that are readable by all 7 packages).  But I sincerely can't commit to fully support this beast.
The third reason is Taboga Software's company policy to share with the Clarion community.

A fourth reason is that I might release something in the future that uses this library, and thus I want everyone to have access to it.

One other thing, just for your information.  There is a commercial product that does something similar to what the RTFWriter library does (I think RTFWriter does it better however <g>) that goes for $299.00.   It is available as a DLL without source code (of course)...  The RTF produced is not as compatible as the generated by the RTFWriter.    However, it does handle embedded graphics.    This feature is on hold in the Taboga RTFWriter until I can find decent information on how to store images inside the RTF code!

We would appreciate if you use our library that you give us credit.   Maybe that way one of your users (or you) will buy one of our commercial products <g>!   Also, should you improve the library in any way, we would like a copy of your improvements so that we can make them available to others.  Fair?

Other than that, enjoy!