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Native Excel Library

Library to write Excel workbooks natively.

Taboga Native Excel Library
Write Excel workbooks from your applications natively

When we first got the request to write Excel workbooks from one of our applications we used OLE automation to create them.  We immediately ran into a number of problems:

1. Machine had to have Excel installed.  Even if the user wasn't going to actually use the workbook, he had to have Excel installed.   Even if he was going to use it with Open Office, he had to have Excel installed.
2. Speed.  OLE automation was slow.   This was particularly noticeable as the workbook size increased.
3. Problems with different Excel language versions.  We ran into this problem also early on.   Some users had a Spanish version of Excel, and some had an English version.  For the English version we had to use the formula "SUM", but for the Spanish version we had to use the formula "SUMA".    

Write Excel BIFF8 (Excel 2003) files natively from your Clarion application.    Natively means that you do not need to have Excel installed.
Fast.  Much, much faster than OLE automation.
Support for multiple colors, fonts, etc...
Support for most formulas (array formulas are not supported).   Since formulas are written in the native format, the resulting workbook can be used in any language version of Excel.

Clarion versions
Clarion 6
Clarion 6.1
Clarion 6.2
Clarion 6.3
Clarion 7
Template chains
ABC only

Taboga Native Excel Library version 1 is a commercial product.   It is available at an introductory price for just $89.00.   This includes all source code.  

With your purchase, you are entitled to a royalty free license to use the Taboga Native Excel Library in any of your projects.   You may not use it however to develop a product which competes with Taboga Software's products.   Such as for example a compiled DLL library to generate Excel workbooks.

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