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Report's Data Exporter

Taboga Report's Data Exporter Library candidate release 1 released
A library and template to enable you to output your report's data to formats suitable to use in other programs (i.e. Excel, CSV, and XML),

Report's Data Exporter
Extract the data of your reports into Excel, CSV, and/or XML

One of the most common requests I get as a developer is to somehow get a report's data into excel (or similar format):
"The Daily Sales report is quite good... could you get me that data into excel so that I can play with it..."

I have heard this request over and over again:  "Give me the report's data..."

I realized after looking into this that there are actually two parts to this request:

1.  The first is that the user only wants the report's data, not the formatting.  In particular, group breaks are something the user doesn't want, as he/she will have to clean this data (i.e. remove group breaks, group totals, etc...) before doing anything with it.

2.  The second, equally important, is that the user wants the data in a format he/she can use.   By far the most common format desired (in my experience) is Excel.   In addition, Basic (aka CSV, TAB delimited, etc...), and XML formats are also typically requested.

The Taboga Report's Data Exporter solves both parts of the request by providing a means to easily export a report's data into Excel, Basic, and/or XML formats.

Clarion 6 introduced a powerful new set of templates and underlying classes that provide redirection of your printed reports to several document formats.  Included in the enterprise edition are the PDF, Text, XML, and HTML report targets.  Professional version users can purchase individual targets as they need them.

The Taboga Report's Data Export Library is a set of classes, and templates that allow you to fulfill the very common request detailed above, in a mechanism compatible with Softvelocity's other Report Output Generators.

The following output generators are included:

Export Format
The library includes a native excel format writer.  This means your users do not need to have excel installed to produce the report's data outputs.  Currently the native excel library writes Excel 2003 (BIFF8) compatible workbooks.
Another commonly requested format.  You can configure the output to the specific requirements you need.  By default the library adds the CSV format (which is a variant of the Basic format), but you can change the default, or add another Basic format output and have CSV and TAB for example.
Softvelocity's XML Report Output Generator is full featured generator with tons of options.  This version is a highly simplified version which allows you to very easily export to XML.

Clarion versions
Clarion 6
Clarion 6.1
Clarion 6.2
Clarion 6.3
Clarion 7
Template chains

Taboga Report's Data Exporter Library version 1 is a commercial product.   It is available for $89.00.   This includes all source code.
With your purchase you are entitled to use the report exporter in any of your applications.    You must not however distribute the source code of our product.

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