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Full Text Search

A template set to provide easy to use, full-text searching on your browses.

Taboga Full Text Search
Full-text searching for your browses

You have a browse with a bunch of fields.   You provide locators, and sort orders, and even filtering of records.   Your users still complain that they need to find the record that contained the word "aspen" in it.     They can't remember on which field however...

Clearly you need to provide a mechanism to do a full-text search on your browse.

This template provides just that:  a full-text search engine for your browses.    It couldn't be easier to implement:   Just add a control template, and you are done.

Included is also a tagging library so that you can mark all records which match your search criteria.    This tagging library is in itself a valuable addition because it is an SQL compatible tagging library.  We developed this tagging library when we ran into problems with the tagging library we were using because it wouldn't correctly store the tagged (marked) record position, and we could get weird errors.

Clarion versions
Clarion 6
Clarion 6.1
Clarion 6.2
Clarion 6.3
Clarion 7
Template chains

Taboga Full-Text Search template version 1 is a commercial product.   It is available for just $49.00.   This includes all source code.  

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