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Single File Tree Template

Taboga Report's Data Exporter Library candidate release 1 released
A library and template to enable you to output your report's data to formats suitable to use in other programs (i.e. Excel, CSV, and XML),

Single File Tree Template
Single File Tree Template

We found on the internet an old single-file relation tree template.   It had a number of errors, and we had quite a bit of a hard time getting it to work, but eventually got it to where we wanted.    We decided to go a little further and clean it up, and do some basic documentation for it and set up a customerware package with it.

Clarion versions
Clarion 5.5
Clarion 6.1
Clarion 6.2
Clarion 6.3
Clarion 7
Template chains

The Single-File tree template is a customerware product, and is free to existing Taboga Software customers.